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Ummm Your shipment has been rerouted and slightly delayed

Ummm Your shipment has been rerouted and slightly delayed


As you can see, rather than go from the Amazon warehouse in Santa Ana, California up the coast to Seattle, instead the package went across the ...

After five months....the Pixel 3 is a woefully mediocre smartphone attached to an amazing industry setting camera. : GooglePixel

Photo of UPS Customer Center - Richmond, CA, United States. The package never

Delta's “gesture of goodwill”


The “reliable” rating for Buzzfeed in my opinion seems a little questionable, given their recent fake news embarrassment.

TUI responded to her online post stating: 'I completely understand why you're

... although the NOx connection is troubling (and always, for supersonic transport, was). Still, there are their Figures 1 and 2, reproduced below:

... 7. 7 In order ...

Photo of UPS Customer Center - Menlo Park, CA, United States

An incident in 2007 is cited as AD 2007–07–05 by the FAA in which part but not all of this scenario played out in a B777 at altitude. MH370 may have been ...

On January 23, France launched an international partnership against impunity for the use of chemical weapons. Participants of the initiative, ...


Azerbaijan's crude prospects have been further weakened by Turkmenistan's sudden decision to export its oil via Russia, giving up on the BTC stream.


One issue I have been experiencing on ELMNT is the way power metrics are treated by 3rd party software. I get weird NP, TSS and even average power specially ...

So there you have it. People are paying these guys, or these guys are paying each other, to tweet for them. Again, people are paying real American currency ...

Then there was an issue about the dates that had to be about 1980 and 2002 which are evident in all my figures of my 2005 paper plus a simple re-sampling of ...


Bluehost sign up screen for domain name


The novel signaling and switching label framework.

Bluehost package information and payment screen

Journey to Jordan

Global crude prices were slightly higher to begin the week with help from the Saudi announcement that deeper cuts are on the way this spring.

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We'll Cut To The Chase: AirHelp Will Handle All The Paperwork And Fight Necessary To Get You Paid By The Airline, They'll Take 25% For Their Effort…

ICC report graphic

Check your invoice before you agree to pay at the door. Your shipper may be charging more than the Government.

South Africa intermodal network

Table 2: Energy density and conversion efficiency of multiple materials

UPS Customer Center - 31 Photos & 108 Reviews - Shipping Centers - 1601 Atlas Rd, Richmond, CA - Phone Number - Yelp

Traffic loss versus transmission capacity.

Opinion | Chart of the day: New highs for Nymex gas? | South China Morning Post


A bust-up between Arab powers has dealt a blow to supercarriers already hurt by low oil prices and laptop bans, exposing the sensitivity of Gulf hubs to ...

... we would expect if stopping work suddenly made you miserable and deprived you of purpose. Retired people seem to avoid work just fine and have lots of ...

Malware Attacks on Macs Up 744% in 2016, Mostly Due to Adware - MacRumors

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RTA Service Centers Locations

Wahoo Fitness

David, just plot LN(CO2) vs Temp and take the slope. This gives a climate sensitivity of 2.1 even after all the fiddling around with the temp data.

Trump said Cohen agreed to plead guilty before a federal judge 'in order to embarrass

The Oil Drum: Europe | The Future of Nuclear Energy: Facts and Fiction - Part I: Nuclear Fission Energy Today

Hierarchies of High Stakes Standardized Testing

... a wide support for investment, rather than divestment from something that has been for more than 3 decades a mutually advantageous bilateral relation”.

Registration Document 2018 TOTAL 7[Back to contents]

Make this the year your phone saves you time. Instead of wasting it with social media and silly games, The National staff has put together its list of the ...

In the EAP 2 we have around 46 countries! EAP was multi pronged test for us. Production Validation, Logistics (handling shipments, etc. for so many ...

Responding to the Opioid Crisis in MN Native Communities

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His link to @pimpcry strangely redirected me to a mysterious account named Social Foster.

The sun. (New York [N.Y.]) 1833-1916, March 21, 1897, 2, Page 5, Image 17 « Chronicling America « Library of Congress

NV name back.jpg ...


If the eventual data confirm what I have some reason to suspect, then a further killer question must be faced by the tamperers:

The Verona Tea Dress - Shop Dresses

Facing Funding Shortfalls and Protest, Better Rail for Boston Region is Delayed « The Transport Politic

I went and stood on my own in the cafeteria under a wall of movie star decoupage. This whole place felt haunted. But not by human spirits.

This is Iran zero based in order to show exactly how much sanctions have affected them. Iran was producing about 3.75 million bpd before sanctions.

Average blocking delay versus wavelength number.

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As you've figured out by now, Lezyne is doing some cool stuff on the software front. The Strava Live Segments, turn by turn navigation, and in particular ...

Levi Baker : search #1

... a wide support for investment, rather than divestment from something that has been for more than 3 decades a mutually advantageous bilateral relation”.

Figure 6: Geological map of Iraq (After [28]). Note the

Start Up: more tech support scams, who reads junk news?, HomePod reviewed, bitcoin's miner margin, and more

... we are disassembling English versions of the game, and reassembling them with the German cards. Maybe there is an easier way to do this? TOO LATE.

(Graphic by Larisa Baste)

Reaching Misrata at night, we docked in darkness to avoid being spotted by Gadaffi's forces. As I watched each man collect his weapons and leave with family ...

A map showing the planned route of the Chabahar corridor in Iran and Afghanistan

[MISSING IMAGE: tv485407_map-algeria.jpg]

Every anti-dumping case above utilized (or will utilize) the NME methodology. And because that methodology (as noted above) already counters subsidies ...

adhd brain broken

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Fortunately the passengers were able to leave the airport and were taken to a local hotel to wait for a relief aircraft to arrive.

... although the NOx connection is troubling (and always, for supersonic transport, was). Still, there are their Figures 1 and 2, reproduced below:

On August 8, 2015, the Harbor District received a long overdue ...

... that their adopted Asian children had been taken from their birth parents illegally, they gave the kids the chance to meet their biological parents, ...

Fake Explorer window indicating numerous infections

The slope of the plot allows us to state we are about 1.15 degrees warmer that the per-Industrial temperature and that at 560 ppm we will be at 1.2 degrees ...

“In order to serve you better”: promises and pitfalls of the GDPR

A screenshot from flightradar24.com shows how flights across the world were either rerouted or cancelled as Pakistan shut down its airspace on Wednesday, ...

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Pakistan and India, face to face

Zeiss companies logos, from articles in the collection of Company Seven (114,610 bytes bytes

Human smuggling on the east coast of Libya has been impacted by the military activity in the region, chiefly by Operation Dignity, which saw the Libyan ...

Figure 7: Average and median startup delay vs. network latency, error bars show