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Lake Vostok in Antarctica hasn39t been exposed for 15 million years

Lake Vostok in Antarctica hasn39t been exposed for 15 million years


Drilling into history: American researchers have found evidence of bacterial life in ice samples taken

Subglacial Lake Vostok lies 4000 meters below Vostok Station, in East Antarctica.

NASA photo of Lake Vostok in Antarctica.

Scientists Race To Lake Vostok Antarctica

Microorganism, Lake Vostok

ANTARCTICA MYSTERY! - No Contact from Scientists Trying to Explore Ancient Lake Under Ice - Report

MessageToEagle.com - Mystery of Antarctica Deepens - Scientists May Soon Reveal The Secrets Of Lake Vostok

The team drilled through half a mile of ice to reach the sub-glacial Lake

Russian scientists have drilled into the prehistoric sub-glacier Lake Vostok, which has been

Scientist Drill Into Lake Twice the Size of Manhattan Found Beneath Almost 4,000 Feet of Ice


Antarctic Lake Vostok Ice Sheet

Russian researchers at the Vostok station in Antarctica after reaching subglacial Lake Vostok. Scientists hold

Possible New Source on Discovery of Frozen City under Antarctic Ice » Exopolitics

Location of research stations in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica

Antarctic ice sheet contributions to SLR

... Lake Vostok from space (image) MSNBC article: Antarctic ...

... Antarctica after it was fished out Tardigrades like this one, measuring half a millimeter long, live deep beneath the ice

Cores coming out of the barrel are generally 4 to 6 meters long and are cut to 1-meter sections. The pictured ice columns are unprocessed cores.

Deepest Dive Ever Under Antarctica Reveals a Shockingly Vibrant World

1—Map of Antarctica showing sites of interest and surface skin depth heating and cooling trends from NOAA/AVHRR satellite data. Base map courtesy of NASA/ ...

The incredible creatures of Antarctica revealed

The view down the borehole through half a mile of the Antarctic ice to Lake Whillans

The JOIDES team snapped this image on their transit through the ice near Antarctica. (Credit: JOIDES Resolution/Twitter)

If the at least the interior of the Ross Ice Shelf has been continuously covered with ice for 8 million years, so has the East Antarctic Ice Sheet.


An Adélie penguin stands atop a block of melting ice near the French station at Dumont

From top to bottom, the traces show Greenland water isotope ratios from the NGRIP core, atmospheric CH4 from the Antarctic WAIS Divide ice core, ...

Sketch of the glacier and lake basement along the Vostok ice flowline (adapted from Jouzel .

Figure 6.

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420,000 years of ice core data from Vostok, Antarctica research station. Current period is

Did Martian Refugees Settle in Antarctica over a Million Years Ago?

Underground lake in Antarctica whose water has been isolated for 15-25 million years Lake

The coldest place on Earth: Blowing snow conditions at a camp site near Vostok Station

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Russian Scientist Claims Team Battled Creature Under Antarctic Ice

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The Last Time CO2 Was This High, Humans Didn't Exist

... the Lake Whillans study emphasizes the generally under-appreciated role that subglacial Antarctic microorganisms could have in global nutrient cycles.

Marine Phytoplankton Antarctica

10 Spectacular Underwater Rivers & Lakes!

A Google Earth image of Antarctica has sparked claims of evidence there was once a civilisation


Back to the Future: Paradise Lost, or Paradise Regained?

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The Paleocene started out hot: the ocean was 10° to 15° Celsius warmer than today. Then it got even hotter! Besides a gradual temperature rise, ...

Conjugate margin correlations of Indo-Antarctica (IA) and Australo- Antarctica (AA) are shown (black-fill).


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Discovery was made by ground-penetrating radar technology on board the ESA's Mars Express satellite © AFP

Figure 2. Potential locations of cold bed (basal temperatures 2000 m), slow

We Have 5 Years to Save Ourselves from Climate Change – Harvard Scientist 0118 - highest CO2 in 12 million years, and 33 million years ago, ocen was 10°C ...

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A group of penguins huddle on an iceberg in Antarctica.

A chart of Arctic sea ice extent for this time of year shows 2018 running at record low levels. (Source: NSIDC)

19, 2015 photo provided by Reed Scherer, an amphipod lays on ice shortly after it was brought to the surface, in a sediment lab set up in Antarctica.

Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, with the ceremonial South Pole and the flags for

Fact #9: The best meteorites are found in Antarctica.

(a) Illustration of Antarctic landscape during Pliocene warmth with assumption that near or lower than sea level terrains were ice free and the ice sheet ...

Figure 18.7 Seismic and radar investigations of 44th-49th Russian Antarctic Expeditions, Vostok Lake basin, 1995–2002.

Dumont d'Urville Station, an example of modern human settlement in Antarctica

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Worse than they thought: Antarctica actually colder than scientists once believed

Off the coast of the Peninsula are numerous islands. Here is Webb Island and, behind it, Adelaide Island. See the image description page for a detailed ...

Antarctica without its ice-shield. This map does not consider that sea level would rise because of the melted ice, nor that the landmass would rise by ...

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"The Needle in the Haystack": Pat Frank's Devastating Expose of Climate Model Error | Watts Up With That?

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Fish of the Notothenioidei suborder, such as this young icefish, are mostly restricted to the Antarctic and Subantarctic

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New research sheds light on Antarctica's melting Pine Island Glacier

This figure shows climate change over the last 65 million years. The data is based on a compilation of oxygen isotope measurements (δ180) on benthic ...

Examples of subglacial lakes identified from RES data collected during the SPRI-NSF-TUD

A warm salty bottom current runs from the Tethys ocean to Antarctica

a Schematic figure of the different glacial habitats for biological colonisation and activity with a closer view of the surface ecosystem.

shows c02 over 500 million years. Previous to 15 million years ago, it must have been permanently blisteringly hot. – although there is no correlation ...

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25 Facts About Antarctica That Are So Cool They're Freezing

Life at Hell's Gate


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Norwegian Cruise Ship at Petermann Island, with the Kiev Peninsula of Graham Land in the background


18). b, Total Antarctic ice volume (red line) in a long-term simulation with variations of sub-ice melt and other forcings parameterized mainly ...

(press release) “Our analyses show that there is a steady, long-term decline of megaherbivore diversity beginning around 4.6 million years ago.

EB1911 Polar Regions -North Polar Regions.jpg

Credit: Chen et al. (2017)

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New NSF paleo research claiming Arctic was warmer fails to take major ocean circulation changes 3

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The temperature in the Quaternary

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379 subglacial lakes have now been identified beneath the Antarctic continent. This map, using