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Ecommerce industry in India is booming with almost 50 CAGR

Ecommerce industry in India is booming with almost 50 CAGR


The Rise of E-commerce Industry in India


Southeast Asia's set for explosive e-commerce growth

E-commerce Industry: Growth ...

Retail Industry in India


Source: Wikibon and reported by Statista.

Retail Industry in India: Overview of Retail Sector, Market Size, Growth ...IBEF

“CoD works; 29. “TO STUDY THE GROWTH ...

While the companies are pursuing different strategies for expansion, their goal is ultimately the same — take their e-commerce and logistical expertise ...


Such a lucrative consumer base presents huge potential for e-commerce players looking to foray into the region's e-commerce market.

Internet Users and Smartphones in India: 2008-2018. Smartphoneandinternetretailing_

Retail India

Source: Amazon Disruption Symposium Where so Far? Where to Next? Who is Safe?, Morgan Stanley, September 18, 2017. (PDF, 88 pp., no opt-in).

Source: Statista.

Average GDP per capita in developed markets will still be a lot higher than in emerging markets in 2050. But the gap is closing fast.

Source: Statista.

Indian domestic market serves as a significant market, with almost 4.7% of analytics revenues coming for Indian firms.

... E-commerce Industry: Growth; 2.

The 50 fastest growing companies | startups in Europe, UK and Germany lead

Profiling Ten Major E-Commerce Marketplaces

The CAGR of the Indian online user growth is almost four times that of the global rate. India's e-commerce industry has seen a steady growth over the years ...

How e-commerce can help achieve the SDGs. Image: Eco-Business

... mutually satisfied; 36. The Indian online industry ...

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Source: Market research, analyst report on Booming warehousing sector in India

Deep Dive: Profiling Ten of the World's Biggest E-Commerce Marketplaces, from Alibaba to Zalando

Sources: Wikibon; SiliconANGLE; Statista estimates and reported by Statista.

Australia is APAC's 4th largest ecommerce market - But India is catching up - Which-50

Such a lucrative consumer base presents huge potential for e-commerce players looking to foray into the region's e-commerce market.

VR growth in 10 key markets

Arguably, a boom in e-commerce and an increasing smartphone adoption have impacted the directing selling companies

Southeast Asia: An Emerging Market With Digital Growth Potential

These key stats justify the optimism of the venture capitalist when analyzing the emerging Indian online market.

Home Improvement Retail: A Two-Horse Race for Supremacy

According to a report, the country's e-commerce sector can even touch USD 250

The ad spends of online portals in the April to July quarter of 2013 was 1.2% as compared to 0.8% in the same quarter of 2011.

India's Warehouse Boom

Image source: http://www.meti.go.jp/policy/it_policy/statistics/outlook/h28release.pdfhttps://infowizard.co/trending/background-check/

Usings CB Insights data, we map out Amazon and Alibaba's expanding grasp on the world, and dive into how each giant is using M&A, investment, partnerships, ...

E-commerce ...

Growing Indian luggage market

US E-Commerce Revenue is for the Walmart banner only, excluding Sam's Club. Five-Year Revenue CAGR is for total company revenue, most of which is offline.

Or this blog post from 2009 that believed luxury brands had already missed the e-commerce boom.

A snapshot of the performance of e-commerce giants on environment and social impact.

Top Six Categories for Internet Retailing in India: Absolute Volume Growth and % CAGR 2013-2018

Online penetration by category

Total Construction Spending Put in Place 2017 and Forecast Growth (2017-2022 CAGR) by Construction Segment


Eyewear Market

Average annual per capita spending is at around US$19,000, which is a lot. But growth is flat-lining at an annual growth ...

Brazil – Lucrative but Challenging E-commerce Industry

Temp staffing jobs set to boom; ecommerce, retail to hire for sales, customer “

Gaming industry is seeing a boom as firms cash in on everything

Challenges For E-Commerce In Indonesia

Figure 1: Indian online retail market size and growth (CRISIL, 2014)

Analytics Industry In India Growing At A Rate Of 23.8% CAGR: Study

Top 12 Ecommerce Trends That Will Dominate in 2018 [Updated]

Market Snapshot

Logistics execution dominate €2.7 trillion industry

Further research done by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) in order to determine the breakdown of total expenditure divided e-commerce ...

Semiconductor Industry in India


digital marketing industry in India

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Can Walmart Achieve Its Three-Year Revenue Growth Target?

Global Travel and Tourism Industry Infographic - Chinese tourists spent a quarter of a trillion dollars

eCommerce could be the driver of a new middle class surge in Southeast Asia

Later in 2016, Jeff Bezos doubled down on his investment in India and pledged another $3B to the growing market.

The Evolution of the Indian Footwear Market

EOS Perspective

FinTech Fight technology

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In the race to grow, we cannot forget that building a thriving, sustainable sharing economy platform depends essentially on two elements: mindset shifts and ...


Automobile Industry in India, Indian Automobile Industry, Sector, Trends, Statistics

E-Commerce Industry In India ...

Japan indicates a significant market opportunity for e-commerce businesses due to Internet penetration estimated at 93.3% of the population.

A more recent study by Google found that the probability of bounce increases exponentially the longer a site takes to load on a mobile device.

Benefitting from the Internet Era, China's cross-border e-commerce (CBEC) boomed at a CAGR of 29.5% over 2013–16, reaching CNY 6.3 trillion in turnover ...

Mobile Payments


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Employees scan parcels at a Suning logistics base in Nanjing, China, ahead of the

DGSETs Capacities Witnessing an Upward Trend in India: Infra Spending, Industrial Production, Capacity Building are key Drivers

Or this blog post from 2009 that believed luxury brands had already missed the e-commerce boom.

Source: iiMedia


... and realigning their brand portfolios for growth. What follows is a road map for a CPG executive to follow for a sustainable outcome.

Top 10: The 2013 Global Retail E-Commerce IndexTM Ranking