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Current Approaches to Free Flap Monitoring a board t

Current Approaches to Free Flap Monitoring a board t


Multipoint Tissue Circulation Monitoring with a Flexible Optical Probe | Scientific Reports

Reasons to perform the surgical procedure. MFF: microvascular free flap; PT: primary

Measurement and analysis of microcirculation in the rat flap ischemia model. (a) Data measured before ligating the superior inferior epigastric artery ...

Box plot graph illustrating the amount of vital tissue (in percent) in the control group (saline solution, NaCl) and the experimental groups ((ASA) ...

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(B) Cases of anterolateral thigh free flap (ALTFF) failure and salvage during the same period. (C) Cases of radial forearm free flap (RFFF) failure and ...

Free Flap Reexploration: Indications, Treatment, and Outcome... : Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Measurement and analysis of microcirculation in the rat flap congestion model. (a) Data measured before ligating the superior inferior epigastric vein ...

We have proposed a management protocol for scalp defects in electrical burns based on our experience and a review of the available literature.

Outcomes Comparison for Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction... : Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – Global Open

Cases of failure and salvage according to the time of revision

Figure 5

Characteristics of the most commonly used free flaps.

Early risk prognosis of free-flap transplant failure by quan... : Medicine

Figure 4

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Risk Factors Associated with Free Flap Failure – An Analysis... : Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

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Deciphering the Sensitivity and Specificity of the Implantab... : Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

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Annual evolution of the type of free flap. TRAM: transverse rectus abdominis myocutaneous.

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Nursing Monitoring and Managment of Free and Pedicled Flaps—... : Plastic Surgical Nursing

Impact of different antithrombotics on the microcirculation and viability of perforator-based ischaemic skin flaps in a small animal model | Scientific ...

Approaches to triage and patient management following mass casualty incidents. ATLS: advanced trauma life support

Table 3: Comparison of free flaps for scalp reconstruction

Current Evidence for Postoperative Monitoring of Microvascul... : Annals of Plastic Surgery

Figure 6

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Breast Reconstruction Involving a Tissue Expander and Implant.

fullscreen Figure 1 Distribution of flap donor sites in all reviewed patients undergoing microvascular free tissue transfer.

Table 5: Case series of reconstruction of scalp defects in electrical burns

Minimizing free flap donor-site morbidity : Current Opinion in Otolaryngology & Head and Neck Surgery

Characteristics of the most commonly used free flaps.

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Table 2: Classification of scalp defects

Figure 2


Breast flap illustration

Cover Page

Table 1: : Defects data


Table 1

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Microsurgical free flaps: Controversies in maxillofacial reconstruction George RK, Krishnamurthy A - Ann Maxillofac Surg


Comparison of basic and microsurgical factors between the salvaged group and the failed group

Reconstruction of large pharyngeal defects with microvascula... : Current Opinion in Otolaryngology & Head and Neck Surgery

Does perioperative use of noradrenaline affect free flap outcome following reconstructive microvascular surgeries?

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The evolution of head and neck reconstruction


Figure 8: (A) A McFarlane flap model was designed (3×9 cm) and three parts were divided (I, II, and III); (B) no axial vessels were incorporated into the ...

Advantages and limitations of free and pedicled flaps in rec... : Current Opinion in Otolaryngology & Head and Neck Surgery

Reconstruction of Lumbar Spinal Defects: Case Series, Literature Review, and Treatment Algorithm

Table 2

The fibula free flap is well suited to anterior ar

ALT free flap

Table 2: : Operation data


Comparison of the hospitalization period after microvascular reconstruction flap in trismus patients: free anterolateral thigh flap versus free forearm flap ...

Monitoring Buried Free Flaps: Limitations of the Implantable... : Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery


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Figure 4: Identification of transplanted cells in the tissue constructs. (A) DiI-label neonatal rat cardiomyocytes (red and white arrows) in a rat tissue ...

Literature spectra for various tissue components. (A) Molar extinction coefficients of oxyhemoglobin HbO2

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Parameter curves of the occlusion study. (A) Time course of the oxygenation for

Costal cartilage graft in Asian rhinoplasty: surgical techniques

Figure 1: Cardiac tissue engineering with the in vivo vascularized chamber. Intrinsic vascularization approach with arteriovenous loop chamber model and ...

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The entire monitoring system. (a) Attachment and setup during measurement. (b) Operation as a portable device: the data processor is kept in a small bag.

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Getting Out of a Tight Spot in Breast Reconstruction — Salvage and Saving Techniques for DIEP, SIEA, and Lymphatic Flaps | IntechOpen

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Figure 2. Kaplan–Meier Curves for the Primary Outcome.

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Statistic plots for the occlusion study. (A) StO2 standard scatter plot of the

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The TDU converts light signals to electrical current, amplifies the signals, and performs Doppler detection. The A/D I/O board converts analog signals to a ...

In Conclusion

Upper left: Raised epigastric flap based on a single perforator (white broken circle) after bipolar cautery of the superficial epigastric vessels and all ...


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Table 2. Details Regarding PCI and Medical Therapy at Discharge.

Current Methods for Fluorescence-Based Universal Sequence-Dependent Detection of Nucleic Acids in Homogenous Assays and Clinical Applications | Clinical ...

Cardiomyocytes were immunostained with cardiac troponin T antibody (brown). (B) Muscle tissue with rat skeletal myoblasts.

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