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39WasWere39 Grammar Practice Cupcake Game grades K2 SLPs on

39WasWere39 Grammar Practice Cupcake Game grades K2 SLPs on


Going on a Noun Hunt - This is such a fun kids activity for 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade kids to practice nouns. (grammar activity for kids)

Review the parts of speech by playing Hangman! Check out this grammar activity plus four more engaging grammar games for upper elementary students!

FREE singular and plural noun lesson, practice, exit slip, and assessment!

Here's a (free) fun way to review adjectives. This is a part of a larger paid product. Enjoy!

Verb Freeze - Whole Group Verb Game. Add where the students are answering in present progressive/complete sentences.

Practicing reading, ordering and comparing decimals? Grab this FREE Decimals on a Number Line Game! Similar to battleship, this will give kids practice with ...

25 r blend loaded sentences These sentences are a great way to practice r blend carryover from the word level to the sentence level.

... FREEBIE All About Me NO PREP - Teletherapy

... Peanut Butter and Cupcake: Interactive Read-Aloud Lesson Plans and Activities


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An Articulation Game

Second grade students are pushed to become more experienced readers through increased exposure to fiction, poetry, and informational text.

For more information: ...

Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: Missing Punctuation Board Game [printable]

300 Celebration Ideas for Educators

Coffee Time Talks hosted at SCLSNJ

A fun game that gets students talking about books that they have read! This would be a great literacy center or a book report alternative.

G.A.3 Common Core Math 2nd Halves, Thirds, Fourths: Partition Shapes 2.G.A.3 Common Core Math 2nd

Out-credentialing everyone lends this team of two the power to influence environmental practice—in theory. Logging has forever altered much of the karst ...

EST Teens lesson slides


Interested in learning more about how to engage and enhance the learning of all students by putting them at the center of their learning?

February 26, 2019

Printable File Folder Games for Kids

Fern Smith's FREE Noun or Verb Valentines Day Task Cards with a Math Center Sign #

Sequencing Pictures Worksheet

Earlier this year, the realms of law and new media collided when Lori Drew was hit with federal charges for creating a fake MySpace page and harassing a ...

Airplanes KP

Three Sounds of "ed" Past Tense Verbs - Grammar Games and

Bonus2: Map of all the winners

Field Day 3rd Grade 2017

51 Pete the Cat Lesson Plans and Freebies - KindergartenWorks

Quiz Whiz: The Pied Piper | Speakaboos #Worksheets #quiz #education #kids

Flush Materials and Activities Flush Materials and Activities

with ...

Immanuel Features

5 short vowel games YEA! Love her. That's why she gets a button :

Christmas Directional Words Practice Christmas Directional Words Practice

FREE Kindergarten Read and Write | Kindergarten Reading | Kindergarten Reading Fluency | Kindergarten Writing |

Create slogans using comparative & superlative adjectives Adjectives Activities, Grammar Activities, Fifth Grade Writing

Whole Body Listening Coloring Page Whole Body Listening Coloring Page

LA Lesson #3: After reading If You Give A Cat A Cupcake I hang up a large picture of this cause and effect chart. As a class we will fill out the ...

4 Irregular Verb Activities and Games Students Will Love

Scoot Game - Common or Proper Noun$, could also use the cards for write the room

Vocabulary game...use with the spinners on my board

There is a sorting activity and sentences to practice the skill.Thank You!

Low-prep articulation activities for kids are ideal for the busy SLP. Try them today with this FREE download!

Ordinal Numbers Game! A fun math activity for first grade kids during math centers! #mathcenters #firstgrade

St. Patrick's Day Print and Go! for 2nd graders $ by estelle

I Have, Who Has is a great way to practice and review skills! This

Answering Wh Questions Worksheets For Grade 3 - Post Date : 05 Dec 2018(78

Give the mouse a cookie initial consonant practice game Reading Help, Reading Centers, Guided

Cause and Effect Matching Games

Types of Verbs Sort A hands on sorting activity that helps students understand the difference between action, linking, and helping verbs.

Past Present Future Tense Words List

FREE compound sentences worksheet - 1st Grade Fantabulous: Merry Go Rounds and Freebies

Practice identifying synonym words with this Synonym Blocks Matching Game. It can be used as an independent activity or children can work with a partner.

Good idea for prepositions

Simple writing ideas on a "Bingo" board for young elementary students Writing Practice,

ON SALE 12/28 a 12/29 only!!! Target words that are the same and different with 40 synonym pairs and 40 antonym pairs in this fun, Valentine's Day-themed ...

Contraction Word Sort | school | Word sorts, 2nd grade grammar, 3rd grade words

Cupcake Synonyms Freebie--A synonyms matching activity for grades K-2

An Apple For The Teacher: Roll and Retell - Building Summarizing, Communication, and Writing Skills

Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons

Conjunction Words Writing Anchor Charts, Grammar Anchor Charts, Grammar And Punctuation, Sentence Anchor

Swat It Place Value: Game can be played whole group or in small groups. $ I would make my own on the promethean board or do in a math center.

Syllabication Rules

18 cards and lotto games included. Great for practicing prepositions!

Types of Sentences Activity. "

Counting Money Practice Booklet

Letter Sounds Pictionary printable Pictionary For Kids, Learning Games, Early Learning, Kids Learning

Superheroes: 3 Sounds of -ed Card Sort and Worksheet (Suff

Second Grade Week 2

Using CompOund Sentences is a HUGE Fourth Grade Writing Skill that we work on all year!

Adding ing and ed-Double Final Consonants Grammar Games, Grammar Activities, Preschool Literacy

Confessions of a Teaching Junkie: Writing With Powerful Language

English worksheet: Connectors/Conjunctions Grammar Worksheets, Teaching English, English Language, Esl

Nouns Sorting Activity - Person, Place, or Thing - SET 1 #partsofspeech #nouns #1stgrade #grade1 #kindergarten #activities #printables

January (winter) Print and Do- 1st grade no prep math and literacy practice

Make a noun/verb/adjective die and print this (free) game board to give kids practice identifying those three parts of speech. Who will finish racin' around ...

How do you help put healthy friendships in their hands?

Core Vocabulary Flip Books: Working With The Word Who - $3.50 : File Folder Games at File Folder Heaven - Printable, hands-on fun!

Parts of Speech activity with paper cups!

Compound Word Game 1

This PowerPoint presentation is to be used as a whole class game to review the concept of common nouns and proper nouns.The file is editable so t.

Treasures Book 1 Macmillan McGraw Hill Games etc. I especially like the computer literacy lessons.