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105 cm leFH 182 Fahrgestell auf Geschtzwagen PzKpfw II

105 cm leFH 182 Fahrgestell auf Geschtzwagen PzKpfw II


Leichte Feldhaubitze 18 auf Fahrgestell Panzerkampfwagen II Wespe

The 10.5cm LeFH 16 auf Geschutzwagen Mk.VI(e) self-propelled

By this time, 12 "Wespe" had already been issued to the I.Abt./ArtI.Rgt.93 as replacements for the le.F.H.18/3 (Sf.) auf G.W.B2.

15 cm sIG 33 auf Fahrgestell Panzerkampfwagen II (Sf) with wet weather tarpaulin frame in place

10.5cm leFH 16 auf Geschützwagen FCM 36(f) with camouflage livery in France

15 cm sFH 13/1 (Sf) Geschützwagen Lorraine Schlepper (f) - SdKfz 135/1

10,5 cm leFH 18 auf Geschutzwagen 39H(f) - German self-propelled artillery. Vehicle was conversion of captured French tank Hotchkiss H39 and armed in 105 mm ...

15cm sIG 33 auf Fahrgestell Panzerkampfwagen II (Sf) prototype

10.5cm leFH18/1(Sf) auf Geschutzwagen IVb (Sd Kfz 165/1)

Geschutzwagen IVb Sd.Kfz 165/1 10,5cm leFn 18/1(Sf) L/28

German 39(H) 10.5cm LeFH18(Sf0 auf Geschutzwagen 1:35 Trumpeter


Trumpeter 1/35 German 39(H) 10.5cm LeFH18(Sf) auf

Panzerjäger 7,5 cm Pa.K. 40/1 auf Geschützwagen Lorraine-Schlepper (f) (Sd.Kfz. 135) „Marder I“

Bronco 1/35 CB35005 10.5cm LeFH18(SF) Geschutzwagen 39H

Becker's first conversion vehicle: the 10.5cm leFH 16 Geschutzwagen auf Fahrgestell Mk VI 736

... of the Pz Kw III was produced by Daimler-Benz and ten vehicles designated "1/ZW" underwent troop trials. Eight of these were fitted with the 3.7 cm gun ...

The Modelling News: Takom's two new kits with plenty of plastic in & scales


Trumpeter 1/35 German Pz.KpfW IV Ausf D/E..

Axis Tanks and Combat Vehicles of World War II: 10.5cm leFH18/1(Sf) auf Geschutzwagen IVb (Sd Kfz 165/1)

10,5 cm LeFH 18-4 auf Geschutzwagen Lr.S. (f) Alkett

... Fahrgestell auf Geschutzwagen PzKpfw II. Wespe

A Panzerhaubitze Wespe Sdkfz.124 from 1./ Abteilung Panzer-Artillerie Regiment 2

... had a Medium Company (of 14 PzKpfw IV and 5 PzKpfw II) in its Pz. battalions, and the 1st Light Division which had eight PzKpfw IV per Pz. company.

World War 2 saw a massive outpouring of resources that included tens of thousands of armored vehicles and artillery systems.

6840 - 1/35 Sd.Kfz.182 Kingtiger Henschel Production w/Zimmerit s.Pz.Abt.505 Russia 1944 (2 in 1)

German WW2 10.5 cm le.F.H. 18/40 GW III/IV Hummel Wespe

Even as early as 1939 it was obvious that the days of the little PzKpfw II tank were numbered, for it lacked both armament and armour, However, ...

Trumpeter 1/16 US M1A2 SEP MBT Kit

PANZERJAGER 39(H) mit 7.5cm PaK 40/43

Panzer II esposto al Museo di Corazzati di Saumur, forse un Ausf. B

Trumpeter 1/35 00353 German 39(H) 10.5cm LeFh18 Geschutzwagen


Trumpeter 1/35 M983 Tractor With AN/TPY-2.

From 1941, various proposals had been made for a self-propelled version of the 10.5cm leFH18. Krupp designed a special vehicle based on the Pz Kpfw IV ...

(Photos courtesy of Clive Prothero-Brooks)

JGSDF Type 82 Command post (00333)

Panzer 58


American soldier posing in captured Sd.Kfz. 2

Russian T-54A Model 1951 (00340)

Pz.Kpfw.V Panther Ausf. G from the 9. SS-Panzer


Germany's Flak 36 (left), Flak 18 (right) captured in Tunisia

Geschutzwagen 105mm-leFH-16

"Voroshilovetz" two new pages (Page 2, Page 3)


7254; Sd. Kfz. 182 King Tiger (Porsche Turret) w/Zimmerit; 193 parts (187 in grey styrene, 4 etched brass, 2 DS tan plastic); price US $13.95


... https://www.ripasrl.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/16359. ...

Dragon 6604 1/35 Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.M w/Schurzen

T-34 m.1941 two new pictures (pic 1, pic 2). T-34 m.1941 six new pictures (pic 1, pic 2, pic 3, pic 4, ...

105 mm leFH 18/40/2 L/28 (Sf) auf Geschützwagen III/IV

Hummel-Wespe 10.5cm SPG


German PzKpfw III Ausf F or PzKpfw III Ausf G


Trumpeter 1/35 German Geschützwagen IVb für 10.5cm leFH 18/1(Sf

ACE 72175 BTR-3E1 Ukrainian armored personnel carr

Dragon 6310 1/35 Aufklarungspanzer 38(t) mit 7.5cm KwK


GUNZE 1/35 10.5cm leFH18(Sf) auf GESCHUTZWAGEN 39H TANK kit

7.5 cm KwK 37



... Wespe 10.5 CM LE FH18/2 FGST auf Geschutzwagen PZ KPFW II SD KFZ 124 ...

Picture of the M109 (Paladin)

Documentary History Of Europe German Army Retreat From

10,5 cm le.FH 18/40/2 L/28 (Sf) auf Waffenträger Geschützwagen III/IV (Sd.Kfz. 165/1)

Heller 56874 AMX 13/105

... Танки Мира Коллекция Спецвыпуск №5, Centurion Mk.V армии Израиля (1961)

T-34/85 one picture changed (pic). T-70 one picture changed (pic). T-70 from 260 InfDiv one picture changed (pic). BA-10 one new picture (pic).

German Pzkpfw III Ausf H and Ausf J

“Wespe” Самоходная установка огневой поддержки Официальное обозначение: Leichte Feldhaubitze 18/2 auf Fahrgestell Panzerkampfwagen II ...

Dragon 6620 1/35 StuG.III F/8 Early Production, Italy 1943


Trumpeter 1/35 USMC LAV-R Light Armored Vehicle Recovery Kit

PzKpfw IV Ausf F2

WWII German Heavy Tank Sd.Kfz.182 Kg Tiger Porsche Turret w/terior 1/35



7,5 cm PaK 40/2 auf Fahrgestell Panzerkampfwagen II (Sf) Main

Jordi Rubio 1/35th Scale German Tank Gun 10.5cm leFH 18/40 Geschutzwagen

Pz.Kpfw IV Ausf.H BTM


T-34 m.1941 five new pictures (pic 1, pic 2, pic 3, pic 4, pic 5). T-34 m.1941 one new picture (pic).

M983 Tractor with AN/TPY-2 X Band Radar

WWII German Heavy Tank Sd.Kfz.182 Kg Tiger Henschel Turret w/terior 1/35


Picture of the A-20 / A-32

ACE ACE72424 Centauro B1T station wagon